Matt Neuman was born into great wealth, but nobody told him about it—until recently—after the family fortune had finally run out. Neuman may have the last laugh, however—he's won the California State Lottery grand prize ($3 million!) six of the last seven weeks. He's surprised now when he doesn't win! Still, after taxes, it's not that much, so don't hit him up.

Last week, Neuman went bowling for the first time in at least ten years. What next? Miniature golf? Tap dance lessons? Bookbinding class? Guess which one and you could win a Gateway 2000 100 mhz Pentium™ system, with 17" monitor, subwoofer, and bundled with the latest (1994) software, including the floppy disk containing this bio.

Mr. Neuman would like to get rid of a lot of old equipment. And a lot of old ideas. He's looking to make a breakthrough this year—in the area of conceptual thinking. But he's said that before, getting no deeper than writing multiple bios for himself. Breakthrough? No. Sorry.

Mr. Neuman can't imagine a crueler, more humiliating fate than to be put down by his own bio. But he will show himself no sympathy.

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