Matt Neuman, thinking about something funny, but not funny enough to write down.

Matt Neuman can't remember exactly when he began writing his biography (it was sometime last week), but he acknowledges that it is a work in progress (thankfully). So much so, in fact, that this is as far as he's gotten, right here, no further, just this far. You know as much as he does about what he's going to write next. Feel free to chime in with suggestions, or even "content."

How about a Table of Content?

Who said that?

Get it? Table of Content—instead of Contents.

I get it.

You could use it on your home page.

Thanks a million.

No reason to be sarcastic. You were the one who opened things up to suggestions.

You're right, I did. It was a mistake.

Is that you in the picture?

No. I couldn't find a good picture of myself, so I "borrowed" this one from a Library of Congress online photography exhibit. He's a 19th Century tradesman in China, I think. Know him?

Yeah, right. Hey, I don't like your attitude. I'm leaving. Have a good life.

Well, then, where was I? Oh yes.

Currently, Matt Neuman is working on his biography.

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