God, Creator of the knowable universe (and Co-Creator of much of the unknowable universe), has written forty-two books, fourteen of which are still in print. While His early work demonstrated a strong command of plot and story structure, leaning heavily on catastrophic events (see Genesis, Old Testament), it lacked the intimate, personal drama that would be a hallmark of His later (The Corpse With the Hourglass Figure) efforts.

With The Bible (He was a major contributor), God immediately caught the eye of literary critics, who gave Him the "can't miss" label. Then, in a stunning career detour that lasted nearly two thousand years, God stopped writing and returned to more earthly matters.

In 1976, with no advance buildup from the publisher, Men Are From Mars, and So Are Women appeared in the bookstores, slowly making its way to number seven on The New York Times best-seller list. Two years later, Speaking in Tongues Made Easy went all the way to number two. God was once again a hot property on publishers' row.

Recently, He struck gold with a series of books that mined a familiar, tried and true formula. Just as we slow down to look at almost any car crash, God assumes we'll slow down (and shell out our shekels) to read about massive floods, tragic lightning strikes, even unexpected volcanoes. He assumes right. We're suckers for reading of others' misfortune, all at the hands of a sometimes cruel ("Why Some People Explode For No Apparent Reason and Others Don't"), sometimes forgiving ("How to Avoid Purgatory") Supreme Being.

In 1996, on a book tour promoting His overreaching and overlong "Why Some People Fall Into Sinkholes and Other Don't," God was asked if He ever worried that His seemingly arbitrary nature was sending a mixed message to humanity. "I hadn't given it much thought, really," He replied.

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