Matt Neuman: Selected Works
The Selected Works
     Matt Neuman

   Ironic Times NEW!

   Another Sam Something Mystery

   Waiting For Al

   Modern Verse

   My Day at The New Yorker


   Campaign 2000: Notes From the Iowa Straw Poll

   The Declaration of Independence (for Modern Readers)

   The Contradiction That is the Balkans

   Can Humans Think?

   First Chapter: "Why Good Things Happen
   to Bad People," by God  (order this book)

   Excerpts from "The Man Who Married His Hat Tree (and
   Other Cases of Extreme Mental Disorder)," by Dr. Oscar
   Spivack, Ph.D., Chief Supervising Physician, New York
   Hospital for the Extremely Mentally Disordered

   Wishful Thinking

   My New Fall Schedule

   Make Big Money!!!

   The Exception That Proves the Rule

   Jones v. Clinton on "The People's Court"


   The Time God Appeared on "Meet the Press"

   Catching Up With O.J. Simpson


   The New Nixon Tapes

   Famous First Drafts: "Who's On First?"

   Famous First Drafts: "Who's On First?" (in French)

   The Time God Appeared on "To Tell The Truth"

   Edward T. Lazar

   Windows 95: Upgrade Now, or Wait?

   The Time God Appeared on "What's My Line?"

   Why the Internet is Like Joey Bishop

   This Week's Hot Links

   Call Me Crazy


   The Time God Appeared on "You Bet Your Life'"

   Overheard at the Algonquin

   Excerpts from "That's Baseball For You"
              by J. Frank Llewellyn

   100th Show

   The Day Before

   Duck Soup II

   Reactionary Chic

   A Good Cigar

   Blue Carrots for Eisenhower

   Calories: Your Best Buys

   "And the losers are... "

   Secondary Colors

   The Player II


   Soviet Reunion

   The Adventures of Clark Kent

   The Final Word on "JFK"

   49 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth

   I Saw J. Edgar Hoover Kissing Santa Claus

   Who Produced Shakespeare?

   Millie's Book, The Missing Chapter

   Michael & Me


   George and Dan's Excellent Adventure

   Dan Quayle in the Heart of Darkness

   Major Dan

   Why I Voted For George Bush

   Virtual Reality

   Stranger Things Have Happened

   An Antelope Ate My Cantaloupe, and other sorry rhymes

   The Gang of Five, a one-act play

   America's Team, a screenplay, written with Lane Sarasohn

   In the Bubble, a novel, with Pictures!


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